There has been a lot of research into the role that culture might play in conformity. In Bond and Smith’s article  they review many different studies that have investigated this idea. However, they found methodological flaws with these studies when trying to use them to make conclusions about social and cultural influences on conformity.

So they decided to conduct a meta-analysis of all the studies from different countries that they could find. They compared only studies that used the Asch experimental paradigm (the line tests). They focused on individualistic and collectivist cultures. 

Based on what you know already about these cultural dimensions, which one would you anticipate having a greater rate of conformity?

The results of the meta-analysis showed that collectivist cultures had a significantly higher rate of conformity than cultures classified as individualistic. For instance, countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Fiji had higher rates of conformity than France, the UK and the USA. 


The above description only includes the results of the study. It is important that you can offer plausible explanations for why collectivist cultures may conform more than individualistic ones.