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After the popularity and success of the Introduction Workbook in my own classes and due to high demand from teachers around the world using our new textbook, we’ve decided to release some materials for the next chapter: Criminology.

What I like about hard copy workbooks for students is that all their notes and key information is in the one place. They can still tear it up into individual worksheets and pages later on as they organize their folders if they want to. While I originally found that benefit the most are those that struggle to keep themselves organized, the self-motivated and really disciplined students also like the workbooks as they can self-assess their progress with the Key Qu’s listed at the start of each lesson. What I love about the workbooks is that I know that what I need for the lesson the students already have – I do one set of photocopying at the start of the unit, and then I don’t need to worry about doing any copying for the next 6 weeks!

The workbooks can also be made available as digital resources for students who are so inclined.

I just had my first post-unit test for the introduction and over 60% got A’s or A+’s, with the lowest grade a B. The support that the workbook, quizlet and other resources that were available for students seemed to really help.

Below you can see the first two topics as a preview. You can also use the textbook preview to see how the workbook, unit plans, powerpoint and textbook are all in alignment with one another. This workbook accompanies the content in Chapter Two of IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide. 

You can download the workbook HERE!!!!

We will keep you updated on when the complete workbook will be available. 

Something For Everyone

I really want to reduce the stress and enhance the enjoyment of teaching. That’s the impact we’re aiming for at ThemEd and so far it seems to be working. What I’m loving most about getting feedback from our growing audience of teachers is that there is something for everyone in these resources: some teachers are cherry picking ideas and merging them into their own plans and existing materials, while others are following the plans and the materials each step along the way. Either approach is great as it’s what works for you and your students.

My singular mission is to share ideas and resources in the hope that they’re helpful.

As always, I value feedback. If you see any errors and/or if you see ways this could be improved, please leave a comment. Similarly, if this is a helpful resource it’s good for me know (as that keeps me motivated to keep making them 🙂 )