IB Psychology

Themantic Education's resources for the new syllabus, by Travis Dixon.

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New Syllabus (starting August 2017)

The IB has published the new subject guide, teacher support material and specimen exam papers. You can find all this information on the OCC. You can also find out how to download the new course guide right here!

Make sure you check out the OCC and the IB Psychology specific page for more detailed subject guides and information.

The Approaches

We’re building our bank of resources for the biological, cognitive and sociocultural approaches to understanding behaviour. (Read more…)

The Options

While we encourage teaching the options and the approaches at the same time (in the themantic approach), we know that when it comes to revising for the exams it’s easier to revise based on the structure of the IB syllabus. We’ve tried to structure the blog so that it will be useful for both approaches (themantic and linear). Hopefully you’ll be able to find what you need on the pages, which you can access from the menu. (Read more…)

Research Methods

We can foresee the research methods aspect of the course causing some minor headaches for teachers, so we’ve got a few planning tips and teaching resources that will help. (Read more…)


At Themantic Education™ we’re massive proponents of backwards planning: we need to know where we’re going so we can figure out the best way to get there. We’re confident that using our framework of three levels of thinking and our alternative rubrics, along with sample essays, FAQs, tips and other resources will boost student understanding and achievement. If students can understand assessment requirements, they can also work smarter, not harder! (Read more…)

Our Themantic Units

Frankly, it makes no sense to teach IB Psychology by focusing on the approaches and then the options. Moreover, dividing this rich subject into the three approaches encourages reductionist perspectives of complex mental processes and behaviours. So our themantic units take the interrelated concepts and topics from the approaches and the options and combines them. This results in a more logical structure for your course, deeper understanding for students and a reduction in required teaching time (which frees up valuable revision time!)

We will provide supporting resources and materials digitally via this site, but naturally we recommend students have their own copy of Themantic Education’s IB Psychology: A student’s guide. (Read more…)

“To find out more information about the IB exams and other major assessments please see the Assessments page.”