IB Psychology

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Themantic Units

You might be thinking that all throughout this blog I’ve misspelled “thematic” teaching. But the term themantic is one I invented to describe our new curriculum model. There are many components to the model, starting at the micro level with theories of how we learn and applications in lesson structure, all the way to our model of developing conceptual understanding and how this frames unit plans. It’s all based on the notion of building blocks and relationship chains.

Themantic Education’s textbook for the new course, IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide provides a topic-by-topic, lesson-by-lesson guide through the requirements of the new course. But it has a twist: the order of the topics have been rearranged so they make more sense conceptually. That’s it!

So instead of teaching the Biological Approach as a unit, you can teach Criminology and hit the same learning outcomes, as well as some from the Cognitive and Sociocultural Approaches as well. Or instead of teaching about prejudice twice: once when discussing SIT and again in the Human Relationships option, these topics are taught during the same unit (Social Influence).

This results in a more enjoyable course, reduced content and increased understanding. This blog provides easily navigation for teachers to find resources to support the themantic model, as well as the linear one.

I also recommend using the C.H.A.C.E.R lesson structure, as it just kind of makes sense.

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