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1.2 Psychological Studies

I like to use a fictional drug (Rememberol) to help explain the concepts of experimental research.

I’ve made my introduction unit plans and resources completely free…just search “introduction” and you’ll find them 🙂

How do we know what we know in psychology? Part I.

The primary aim of this topic is to introduce the idea of studies, in particular experimental studies. The focus is very narrow as students are new to the subject and overloading them with too many terms and ideas will be counterproductive. It’s hoped by the end of this topic they know what independent and dependent variables are and how to analyze these in examples of studies in order to draw a conclusion about human behaviour.

The following layout is based on the content in the textbook.

(a) Variables and Relationships

  • Purpose: Introduce the concepts of IVs and DVs and how they are the backbone of experimental research.
  • Lesson Ideas:
    • Understanding IV’s and DV’s (Read more here…)

(b) Applying Conclusions

  • Purpose: to introduce concepts related to methodology, as well as getting students to understand how to write conclusions from studies based on IVs and DVs.
  • Lesson Idea:
    • Understanding conclusions from studies (Students can use this page…)

(c) Causation

  • Purpose: to introduce concepts like confounding variables and the idea of causation.
  • Lesson Ideas:
    • Play a game of Key Term Tennis to recap (Read more here…)

(d) Correlation

  • Purpose:
  • Lesson Idea:
    • Correlation versus Causation (Read more here…)
    • Thinking critically about correlations (Read more here…)


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