IB Psychology

Themantic Education's resources for the new syllabus, by Travis Dixon.

Quantitative Methods

The new course allows for twenty hours for SL and HL students to study “approaches to researching behaviour.”

Higher Level students actually get 60 hours, which is an extremely generous allotment and frankly, is surplus to requirements. The Paper Three exam is really quite straight forward now in the new syllabus, so we recommend that some of this 60 hours be spent doing other things, like revision!

We recommend that the 20 hours combined time should be devoted to studying quantitative methods, because understanding of the relationship between research methods and ethics with any topic in the core or options might be examined. A good way to use this twenty hours is by designing lessons that get students thinking critically about the use of quantitative methods across the different core and options topics.

A good idea would be to have this unit after students have had exposure to a range of studies but before they begin their Internal Assessment. In our themantic structure we recommend having this unit come after the Into, Criminology and Social Influence.

The important quantitative methods to know and understand are:

  • Laboratory “True” Experiment
  • Field Experiment
  • Natural Experiment
  • Correlational Study

More resources about these methods will be posted shortly.


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