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Themantic Education's resources for the new syllabus, by Travis Dixon.

Sociocultural Approach

Please be patient as it’ll take us some time to build our complete bank of resources to support the themantic approach to teaching and learning IB Psychology, but we’ll chip away at it. We’ll focus on developing free resources for the new topics, such as enculturation and acculturation.

The Individual and the Group

Social Identity Theory

Social Cognitive Theory


Cultural Origins of Behaviour

Cultural Dimensions



HL Ext:

Globalization and Identity

Old Syllabus Resources

Learning Outcomes (Link)

The link above will provide you will the full learning outcomes (i.e. exam questions). 

You can see a range of links below that will provide the information necessary to meet the learning outcomes (and therefore be able to write excellent exam responses).

As you can see, the same studies can be used multiple times for different outcomes (and this is just in one level of analysis – they can be used in other units as well), which is why the linear approach to teaching the course has its limitations. (Read more about the thematic approach here)

An Introduction to Socio-cultural LOA (Link)

Social norms

Social Learning Theory (SLTs)

Compliance Techniques (SLTs)

  • Compliance: An Introduction (Link)
  • Six Factors Of Persuasion (Cialdini)
  • Compliance Techniques
    • Foot-in-the-Door
    • Door-in-the-Face
    • Reciprocity

Conformity (SLTs)

  • Conformity: An Introduction (Link)
  • Why do people conform? Normative and Informational Influence (Link)
  • Factors Influencing Conformity
    • Group Size and Unanimity (Link)
      • Key Study: Asch (1955)(Link)
    • Culture
      • Key Study: Bond and Smith (2005)(Link)
    • Other Factors for Further Research
  • Evaluation of Research into Conformity

Sociocultural cognition

Attribution Errors (SLTs)

  • Attribution Theory
  • Attribution Errors: An Introduction (Link)
  • Fundamental Attribution Error: An Introduction
    • Key Study:
  • Self-Serving Bias: An Introduction
    • Key Study:
      • Modesty Bias

Social Identity Theory (SLTs)

  • Social Identity Theory: An Introduction (Link)
  • What is Social Identity Theory? (Link)
    • Example SAQ #2: Describe SIT (Link)
    • Key Theory/Studies: Tajfel and Turner (Link)
      • The Minimal Group Paradigm Experiments (Link)
        • Full Article on SIT (Link)
          • Reducing Conflict Article (from BBC – link)
          • Evaluation of Social Identity Theory (Link)

Stereotypes (SLTs)

  • An Introduction to Stereotypes
  • Schema Theory Explanations:
  • Social Thinking Explanations:
    • Social Identity Theory
    • Social Learning Theory

Situation and Disposition (SLTs)

  • Why I hate this learning outcome!
  • Attribution Theory

Cultural norms

Culture and Cultural Norms (SLTs)

Cultural Dimensions (SLTs)

Emic and Etic Concepts (SLTs)

  • Emic and Etic: An Introduction (Link)

General learning outcomes

Principles (SLTs)

Principles and Research (SLTs)

Research Methods (SLTs)

Ethical Considerations (SLTs)

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