IB Psychology

Themantic Education's resources for the new syllabus, by Travis Dixon.


There are four possible options topics to choose from:

  • Human Relationships
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Health Psychology

Our current textbook (see here) supporting the themantic approach to the IB Psychology course provides resources for the Human Relationships and Abnormal Psychology unit. There are two primary reasons for focusing on these two options at this stage:

  1. They’re the most popular
  2. We feel they have the best overlap with the core

While the other two options definitely have great overlap with the core as well, the themantic text is designed in a way so that the options and core topics are taught simultaneously. It would be, we feel, near impossible to construct a text that could do this with all four options.

That being said, we are developing units and schemes of work for Developmental and Health Psychology that could be applied with the themantic approach. As this is a new approach to teaching the course for many IB Psych’ teachers, we wanted to allow people time to adjust to the new approach before making it too complex with multiple options.

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