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Themantic Education's resources for the new syllabus, by Travis Dixon.

Human Relationships

The Human Relationships option has a bit of a makeover from the old syllabus. As with all options, the scariest part is the reduction in time allowed from 30 hours to 20. This is one reason why we think it’s impossible to teach this course effectively without adopting the themantic approach. For example, Social Identity Theory, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, conflict, conflict resolution, competition and cooperation are also closely linked and related that it’s a no brainer to teach these in the same unit. Understand these concepts is the basis of our “Social Influence” unit in the themantic text.

Personal Relationships

Formation of Personal Relationships

  • Hormones in Attraction
  • Evolution and Mate Preference
  • Cultural Values and Mate Preference

Role of Communication

  • Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Marriage Apocalypse

Relationships Changing and Ending

  • The role of communication
  • Cultural Values in Relationship Maintenance

Group Dynamics

  • Realistic Group Conflict Theory
  • Competition: An Origin of Conflict
  • Testosterone Influences on Competition
  • Prejudice and Discrimination: Origins or Effects of Conflict?
  • Conflict Resolution through Cooperation
  • Biological Origins of Prejudice and Discrimination

Social Responsibility

  • An Introduction to Bystanderism
  • The Smokey Room Study
  • The Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis
  • Cultural Values and Prosocial Behaviour

Revision Tip: Focus on two topics, not three (Coming soon…)

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