IB Psychology

Themantic Education's resources for the new syllabus, by Travis Dixon.

Q&A (For Teachers)

We're here to help demystify the IB Psych' course so you can have more time to relax. (via bigstock)

Got a question? Post it here…

If you have any questions (and/or concerns) about the themantic approach and/or the new textbook we have for the new course and how it works, please post on this page. I’ve seen a massive transformation in the quality of my teaching and the impact on my student’s learning and understanding after adopting this approach and I know you will, too.

There are some really helpful Facebook groups that can be useful for general discussions and to get a range of different perspectives.

Please note that right now this is a Q&A page for IB Psych’ teachers. Students are free to post questions on any of the other pages and/or posts.

11 thoughts on “Q&A (For Teachers)

  1. Hello;
    This question is more from a technical perspective.

    Is it possible to have sent to me the minimal system requirements for using your system
    Compatible devices
    Compatible Browsers
    Minimum Bandwith requirements

    Thank You



  2. Hi Travis first I just want to say thank you for making me so less stressed 🙂 This is my second year of teaching this subject but my first year doing it full time. Your unit planners, power points, resources and ideas are brilliant and I much prefer the themantic way of teaching. I have ordered your book and as soon as it arrives I will be buying a class set. I am not allowed to order the class set until we have looked at it which I guess is fair enough. However I start teaching your course on Monday. Would it be possible to email me a digital version of chapter 1 as the book is going to take 3 – 4 weeks to arrive and I still have at least 2 week to wait

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    1. Hi Bridget,

      Firstly, thanks for your kind comments. When I was developing the themantic model and the textbook, I thought that this could have big implications for reducing teacher stress: it’s a dream come true to hear that it’s actually working 🙂

      We’re going to make the introduction available for free for everyone, so I can get you a copy.

      PS. Are you a member of our facebook group? It might help as you can post questions about the text and unit plans etc,, to the group if you need help.


  3. Hello Travis,

    This is the first year that we have taught IB Psych at our school and have been using your book and materials and love it. Thank you! I was wondering if you were planning on doing a PTSD support pack? Thanks for all your help!

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    1. Hey Joel,
      So pleased you like the book. Yes, I am definitely doing a PTSD support pack. We’ll have TSPs for ALL the chapters in the book. I am hoping the PTSD pack will be released around August. Coming out next is the IA pack. Cheers, Travis.


  4. Hi Travis when is your IA pack coming out as that is what I’m doing when we come back in September? It would be great to know I have to not worry about it too much especially as I am now having to teach Anthropology which is a bit stressful as I know nothing about that


    1. Hi Bridget,
      Thanks for asking – the IA pack will definitely be available before you teach it in September. It should be ready sometime in July. I apologize for the delay – they always seem to take longer to create than I anticipate. I’ll post to the blog and FB groups as soon as it’s ready.


      1. Travis you’re fab!! I teach the IB to students who have all been excluded from school and have few or no GCSEs thanks to being able to glue them to the seat with interest in the second year due to your criminology pack we got our results today Nobody got less that a 4 in psychology!!! So pleased thanks

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