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We're here to help demystify the IB Psych' course so you can have more time to relax. (via bigstock)

Got a question? Post it here…

If you have any questions (and/or concerns) about the themantic approach and/or the new textbook we have for the new course and how it works, please post on this page. I’ve seen a massive transformation in the quality of my teaching and the impact on my student’s learning and understanding after adopting this approach and I know you will, too.

There are some really helpful Facebook groups that can be useful for general discussions and to get a range of different perspectives.

Please note that right now this is a Q&A page for IB Psych’ teachers. Students are free to post questions on any of the other pages and/or posts.

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    This question is more from a technical perspective.

    Is it possible to have sent to me the minimal system requirements for using your system
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