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We post a bunch of free information on this site free for teachers and students because at Themantic Education™ our primary purpose is to have a positive impact on learning.

The following are the professionally designed and produced resources we’ll be providing for purchase to use with the new syllabus, beginning with our new textbook that supports the themantic approach to teaching the IB Psychology course.

**NOTE** We value quality over quantity at TE, so with this in mind please be patient as we roll out new resources.

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IB Psychology: A student’s guide

**Now available** PREVIEW EXTRACT HERE!!!

This is a complete textbook that accompanies our themantic approach to teaching IB Psychology. The text is arranged in a unit-by-unit, topic-by-topic, lesson-by-lesson structure. Our approach is to have instead of the approaches and options as separate entities, the topics within these are aligned in four units (Criminology; Social Influence; Love and Marriage; PTSD). The result is a more in-depth exploration of psychology in less time. All the relevant units, topics and lessons are also provided for other aspects of the course, such as research methods, ethics, HL extensions and the IA.

Our new textbook is available for pre-ordering.

Please check out our sample extract and a summary of the contents so you can see if it would be a good fit for you and your students. You can place your orders from our home page and expect delivery within 2-4 weeks. For teachers who order class sets, we can provide e-copies of the introduction and criminology chapters, so you can begin planning and preparing the first units for the course.

If you’re curious about this approach but you have questions or reservations, please do not hesitate to contact me (Travis) personally. I can talk about teaching IB Psych’ for hours, so fire away! The best way to ask questions is by joining our facebook group.

IB Psychology: A revision guide

**Coming Soon**

This revision guide contains similar contents (in revision format) as the student’s guide textbook. The text will still be structured by the approaches and options, and by topics (e.g. interpersonal relationships) and the sub-topics (e.g. formation of relationships) as they appear in the IB guide.

Example answers and responses for all three papers will be included, as well as examiner-style comments.

Our revision guide will provide a summary of key research and topics as well as sample answers, to help students prepare for their exams.

IB Psychology: A teacher’s guide (e-book)

**Coming Soon**

This is an e-book for teachers that provides lesson-by-lesson explanations of the content in the student’s guide. It will provide rationales for the order and content of topics and lessons, as well as sample answers to the guiding questions.

IB Psychology: Unit, Topic & Lesson Plans (e-book)

**Coming Soon**

This will be a digital resource that will include sample unit, topic and lesson plans. All plans will need to be adjusted for individual school contexts, but these will hopefully provide some helpful guidelines.

Previews coming soon – subscribe to know when they’re available.

A Student’s Guide to Writing Excellent Exam Answers: For IB Psychology

**Coming Soon*

Understanding the demands of command terms, assessment rubrics and how these apply to exam answers can be a nightmare for teachers and students. Our guide to writing exam answers provides clear explanations for writing excellent exam answers.

The text is not about providing sample answers for students to memorise; it’s designed to facilitate an understanding of the purpose of writing exam answers and how the style, structure and content can be crafted to suit this purpose. It’s hoped that understanding how to communicate understanding effectively in the IB Psych’ exams can be transferred to other subjects as well.

Ten Principles of Teaching: A Common Sense Approach to a Timeless Practice

The art and science of teaching is a passion of ours at Themantic Education. This book will provide a common sense rationale for ten basic principles of the timeless practice of teaching. If there’s one thing education doesn’t need, it’s more theory. We’re aware of this at TE and our goal is not to provide more theory in the abstract: we want to help teachers align common sense principles of teaching with classroom practice.

It’s also hoped that the principles can be used by schools and administrators to help improve the quality of teaching in their schools.

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